Yet another Peripheral Games vlog!

Yea, Im actually managing to keep up with a video per week. Life is super busy at the moment but here’s another short video of me talking about game development stuff, oh and you can help me design a game!

Vlog #5 and a cool competition!

Well hello there! It’s time for another vlog! In this episode I run out of things to talk about.

The Second Peripheral games vlog!

God can you believe one week has past! Time flies, anyways here you can enjoy the second vlog were I rant on about my dreams of making a game engine and how I intend to do t!

The Peripheral Games Vlog #1: UDK

Hello there, welcome to my new series of videos which aims to be a weekly vlog rather than a post. This is so you can sit back and enjoy a video rather than read. So without further ado… Read More