Here is were you find all of my finished and WIP games I have made!


For all of my games if you ever find a bug Please, Please submit a bug report so I can fix the bug! You can submit a bug report here.

The Human Cannon is a work in progress game about flinging yourself across the sky in an attempt to get across the border. Please note this is very early in development so please report and bugs and keep in mind it is not finished!

Apollo Kepler is my Ludum Dare #22 game. I made it in 27 hours over 2 days, read more about the competition here and watch a video of me making the game! The source can be downloaded here.

Treasure Hunt 2 is the sequel to Treasure Hunt 1 and was basically the same thing but vastly improved.

Treasure Hunt 1: A game I made in 2 weeks when I first started using Unity. Click to download.

Dead Lep Revenge is an attempt at making 2D games in Unity, not a very fleshed out game but fun nonetheless.

Dead Lep Revenge Concept is me testing out the Unity game engine when I first got it, I was highly inexperienced in game development and this was what I created. It was also the idea of Dead Lep Revenge.

The Mystery Game is a WIP game and is in very early production stages but you can play it online here.