The future of the Mystery Game

When I designed the mystery game I intended for it to be a simple game I could make in a couple of weeks. But talks have happened in the last week and the mystery games direction has changed entirely.

Now before I tell you more I would look to put out a disclaimer that everything I say is subject to change, although I do rather hope it won’t.
The plan is the mystery game will become an appstore app for iOS. I will be putting my all in to it over the next few months and making it as good as can be. I have also made so drastic changes to the management here at Peripheral Games to make sure the mistakes made in Dead Lep Revenge will not happen ever again. Just so you don’t get bored here’s a screenshot of one of the characters being made:


First I will be working purely on game play and core design for Alpha. There will be near to no content and no fancy graphics, just the core mechanics. This way I can perfect them so time is not lost if drastic changes are needed(which they wont be).

After this I will put some fancy graphics on it and make a trailer which I hope to be using to get funding from Kickstarter.
As always the best place to get news asap from us is our twitter and don’t forget to tell me what you think!