Unity 3.5 is coming!

Hello readers, time for a post!

A couple of weeks ago was the Unite 11 conference were people get together and talk about Unity. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to posting back then but better late than never hey!

Anyways Unity 3.5 is coming out soon and I am so excited I google the release date quite often. No release date yet but apparently it’s going to be fall 2011 which isn’t to long away.

It is going to have a massive amount of new features including an entirely new particle system, a new GUI system and loads of other things. It will also support level of detail rendering which basically lowers the detail in objects the further away they are from the camera so you can have much more detailed scenes with hardly any extra computer cost.

Another new feature mentioned was social api’s so things like GameCenter and Facebook and in-app purchases and all that sort of thing which may not actually be in 3.5 but will come soon after.

Apparently it is going to have 3D rendering capabilities as well and even web cam support for augmented reality games!

Thanks for reading and if you have to know even more read the roadmap at Unity here.