Competition Winners and Big news!

Thank you for all the competition entries, I do really appreciate the support. But, only two could win and they are (drum roll):

Kevin Block and Glen Forbes!

Congratulations to you two, you will be informed of more info by email.
In other news, Dead Lep Revenge has come up with a major issue that I’m afraid will inhibit its full completion. The demo WILL be released as the game, it is quite toned down and obviously not all of the planned content will make it. I do really apologise for this but I would like to support the fact that I am very much a beginner at this game dev business and it is a major learning curve for me. I bit off more than I could chew with Dead Lep Revenge and I have learnt a lot from the project.

Even though I am a beginner at this I have learn’t mountains of stuff that I will put into future creations. I would also like to say that the simple reason I do not charge for my games is simply because I am doing it because I love games and so I can learn more about the profession of game development. To show you how much I have learnt over the past six months of my life, I have ported the first ever game I made to the web player, it was of course the Dead Lep Revenge Concept.

Thank you to all my followers and supporters and I do hope you can continue to follow my adventures in game development.