How I Make Games: Intro

A few weeks ago I spoke about tutorials. Well this is what I have come up with! Its not really a tutorial but more of a deeper look into what goes on behind the scenes of game development.

As I have said I am not a professional game developer and some of my methods may not be exactly the same as a big game studio. Basically what will happen is I will document everything I do in the making of the game from making the art to the programming its self. The game I make will be open source so I will upload everything only when it is finished.

The game being made will be the mystery game, which still doesn’t have a name so please if anyone has any suggestions please say so.

I do hope you enjoy the series. The first part will be fairly small and be mainly about the planning and designing of the game, after that I will start on the art and everything will be uploaded for everyone to see! Thanks for reading!