Time to get back into PG

I do really apologise for my lack of activity the last week. Life can been busy at times as many of you know. I am back now and I am going to make a valiant effort to put up a post every couple of nights.

This is the important bit, I often don’t put up posts because I have not been doing any game making and so I have nothing to put up. If I haven’t posted in a day or two and I have nothing to post I am just going to post stuff relating to games in general. This will keep the site active and hopefully interesting.fred-ink

I have wrapped up Dead Lep Revenge finally. It really didn’t go to plan but I will learn from it and hopefully make better games in the future! This winners of the competition will get to play it first and everyone else about a week later.

With regards to the mystery game I have been doing some work on it and will put a post continuing my “how I make games” series tomorrow, for now here’s some concept art I did in Inkscape. Thanks for reading and be sure to come back!