The mystery game revealed!

I do think it is time, but first; as I have told you in my last post I am constantly learning new things and new ways of making games and my recent discovery was Inkscape. It is a free, open source vector graphics software and an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I have been playing with it and learning how to use it and it is amazing. I am going to use it, along with Blender to make 2d games from now on.

People familiar with Blender know it is a 3D modelling and animation software, like Maya but free, and yes I said I was going to use it for 2D animation. I did some experiments on it over the weekend and found it is great for 2D animation as well.

Now on to the Mystery Game! After Dead Lep Revenge not quite working out exactly right I decided to make a smaller simpler game with fun addictive gameplay. This is were the mystery game came from. I have only been working on a prototype for a week now it is very new and fantastic but still.

In the game there is a randomly generated level with platforms. You start at the top and have to get to prize at the bottom and bring it to the top. There is however guards in the way that will stop you. You will have no weapons so its purely a strategy and puzzle game!

Tell me what you think, oh and it doesn’t actually have a name yet so this is were you come in. Leave your name suggestions in the comments or send me a tweet and hopefully we can find a cool name! Thanks for reading!